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Academic Scholarships:

You apply for an academic scholarship through the individual universities.  Many universities use their application for admission as their scholarship application.  Others have a separate scholarship application.  Please check with the individual college/university for specific information.  Academic scholarships are based on your core GPA and test scores.  The deadlines range from October 15, through February 1, depending on the university.

Local Scholarships:

We receive numerous scholarship applications throughout the year.  As we receive the information I will notify you through announcements, your English IV teacher and Physics classes.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP UP WITH YOUR SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINES.

Other Scholarships:

1.  Investigate the possibility of scholarships that might be offered through the company for which you parent(s) work.  Many companies offer scholarships for the children of their employees.

2.  If you are the son or daughter of a veteran, investigate the possibility of aid through veterans' organizations.

3.  Military Academy - If you are interested in one of the United States Service Academies you must notify the Congressman staff person in the Metairie office at (504)589-2753.


Students and Financial Literacy:



Scholarship Websites

The following website has several links to scholarships for students.

See Mrs. Tina Wages for additional information if needed.